The Sustainable Investment Company

Advantage Capital Strategies Group is a Toronto-based investment management firm specializing in sustainable investing and the pursuit of financial return.
We manage the ACS Responsible Beta Funds and the ACS Sustainable Future Fund.
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Our Approach

Financial Return Focus

Seek public market investments with attractive long-term risk/return characteristics. Keep fees low to reduce costs for investors.

Sustainable Investing

Avoid industries and companies that cause the greatest harm to society and the environment. Focus on sustainable themes and invest in companies that will benefit from a shift towards a sustainable future.

Active and Passive Investing

Core and satellite approach, so investors can benefit from both strategies. In all strategies, we are active owners with a robust proxy voting policy.
Proxy Voting Policy

Our Investment Philosophy

Socially Responsible Investing is foundational to our process. We believe in a core and satellite approach, where passive investing and active investing play important roles in an investor’s portfolio. We approach investing from both a top down industry and bottom up company perspective.
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Recent Research and Updates

Read our research notes and updates to learn more on our approach to investing, our industry inclusion and divestment, and our thoughts on Socially Responsible Investing.