Our Process

At Advantage Capital Strategies, we believe that the best predictors of future returns are 1) Asset Allocation and 2) Low Expenses. Accordingly, we focus our research and investment activities on low cost equity index ETFs and undervalued equity securities.  Our goals are to avoid permanent capital loss, while seeking a market return or better.  

Our first stage of research into ETFs focuses on geography, industries and asset allocation.  After creating an opportunity set, we research ETF liquidity, Expense Ratio, provider service levels and counterparty risk, among other factors. 

For individual securities, we focus our research and investment on industries where we see superior growth potential.  Once we have identified suitable industries, our research process takes a fundamental approach, weighing quantitative and qualitative value factors, while considering growth potential.  

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We are also advocates for responsible investment and conduct industry screening throughout our entire research process.  We do not invest in companies that are primarily involved in the manufacturing and distribution of 1) Tobacco, 2) Thermal Coal, 3) Oil & Gas, 4) Gambling, 5) Weapons and 6) Predatory Lending.  

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