Our Process

Do No Harm

  • We avoid industries that most negatively contribute to climate change and human health.  This includes Fossil Fuels, Weapons, Gambling, Tobacco, Alcohol, Cannabis, and Predatory Lending.
  • We identify and screen out companies based on their revenue exposure to these industries.
  • We also avoid companies that engage in controversial business practices.

Financial Return

  • We are investors at our core, so financial return is foundational to our decision making process.
  • We believe that Socially Responsible Investing can be used as a tool to augment return potential.
  • We use both fundamental and quantitative techniques in our investment process.
  • We follow a core and satellite approach that combines active and passive investing. 

Identify Emerging Themes

  • We believe there are long-term trends that are occurring in society and on the planet, such as an aging population, a warming climate, and increased urbanization.
  • We look for emerging themes that will be amplified by these trends, such as energy transition, sustainable urban development, and modernization of human health care.
  • We invest in innovative companies that capitalize on these themes, have strong fundamental valuations, and Socially Responsible Investing merits.