ACS Sustainable Future Fund

Investment Objective

  • The ACS Sustainable Future Fund aims to provide investors with long-term capital appreciation by investing in a concentrated portfolio of global equities that will benefit from long-term Socially Responsible Investing themes. ¬†

Investment Strategy 

  • Actively managed, concentrated portfolio of global equities
  • All holdings are aligned with three primary Socially Responsible Investing themes, 1) Energy Transition, 2) Sustainable Urbanization and 3) Modernizing Human Health
  • We focus on businesses that are expected to generate superior risk-adjusted long-term total returns


  • Portfolio Manager: James Thai, CFA
  • Investment Fund Manager: Advantage Capital Strategies Group Inc.


Suitable for accredited investors only in Ontario


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There are two major demographic trends: 1) There is an increasing number of people on the planet, peaking in approximately 2100, but the vast majority of growth is expected in Africa and Asia. 2) Lifespans are longer, so the median age of people and the percentage of seniors on the planet is increasing.
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All of these themes are supported by technological developments.
Resource efficiency is accomplishing similar or better outcomes, but with fewer consumption of inputs into the process. To this end, we strive to identify companies that make systems and end products more efficient.
An increasingly urban planet requires increasing attention to sustainability in our urban areas. This includes services, physical city design and construction and digital life within urban populations. By growing in a sustainable way, urban areas better prosper and create advantages for themselves. We strive to identify companies on the forefront of urban sustainability.
To ensure that the planet does not continue warming to unsafe levels, the usage of carbon as a combustible energy will need to be reduced. We strive to identify companies that will aid in this transition to a reduced carbon energy planet.
Quality health care is synonymous with human well-being. Improvements in human health have led to drastic increases in lifespans and future expected lifespans. With an again population and ongoing medical developments, health care will continue to play a vital role in our well-being. We strive to identify companies that innovate to push forward advances in human health.
Education is a vital input into an individuals advancement in society. Access to educational opportunities is a highly desired among all societies. There is increasing demand of new ways to access the educational system, as education is a proven method to raise ones standard of living. We strive to identify companies that are providing tools that modernize traditional teaching methods and companies that identify ways to reach new audiences.
Economic advancements have lifted the living standards of large proportions of the global population . However, equitable and inclusive access to financial advancements and a reasonable standard of living remain unevenly distributed. Through modernization and equitization of our financial systems, we expect that innovations will increase access and further advance the standard of living. We strive to identify companies that are on the forefront of this change.